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The CANBOT Family

In this time of need to manage & contain the spread of COVID-19 infection, we are introducing to our ASEAN territory, two of CANBOT’s service robots, the delivery robot, MX-2 and the humanoid service robot, U-05.  Both are autonomous mobile robots with self-charging capabilities with little downtime.

These automated assistants can be deployed in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, healthcare centres, offices, and retail environment, to name a few.


A 130 cm (51 in) tall humanoid service robot for commercial use.  It can navigate to avoid obstacles in complex environment.  Come with speech interaction and instant facial recognition technology.  Arms and neck has a  high degree-of-freedom joints giving U05 great flexibility. For more information on U05.


A multipurpose delivery robot with quick release physical sensing trays.  It is able to do multi-point delivery and work together with other robots in the same environment.  It can ‘listen’, ‘see’, and ‘interact’ with people enabling it to be customised for functions other than delivery.  For more information on MX-2.

Business Opportunity

If you are involved in AI and robotics in ASEAN countries (Brunei,   Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam) and would like to expand your business, please contact us.  If you are  System Integrators, resellers, consultants and other digitization and AI specialists, do contact us.