Multipurpose Delivery Robot




Watch how robots are helping in the battle against COVID-19

MX-2 can be customised and upgraded to help in this battle







MX-2, an AI-powered delivery robot will be launched in January 2021. 

It will be competitively priced.  As an autonomous delivery robot that is also

aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it is definitely easily acceptable in a public workplace.  A design that is multi-functional and programmable to

personalize customization to suit your specific requirement.


MX-2 is equipped with numerous cutting-edge technologies.

This brings out the most effective delivery mechanism and allows for

natural human-computer interaction experiences.


With hybrid intelligent scheduling algorithm and multi-dimensional data analytics, it can perform multi-point distribution and work together with other robots in the same regional environment to improve efficiency.

Intelligent Trays

Tray levels are freely adjustable for flexibility of products to be delivered.  The trays automatically detect the loading status and is equipped with a quick-release mechanism.  Each tray can carry a load of 10 kg. 

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

For precision in movement in a complex environment, it uses a variety of sensor fusion technologies including vision camera, depth camera, lidar, infrared sensor and optimized SLAM algorithm.

 The robot’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) system can track the three-dimensional position of the robot in real time. The 3D geometric maps of the scene, support real-time positioning and map construction, to achieve a cm-level positioning and navigation.

It can respond to multi-angle obstacles and automatically avoid them.

Interface between MX-2 and the lift allows it to autonomously take the lift.

High-Performance Chassis

Its high-performance motor and wheel structures housed in a chassis that is equipped   with energy-absorbing design and bump feedback, allows it to travel over uneven ground with minimal motion noise.


Here are some proposals on how MX-2 can be put to uses

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