Humanoid Robot - U05

For Commercial Use



Watch how robots are helping in the battle against battle against COVID-19

U05 can be customised and upgraded to help in this battle







Priced competitively, U05 is part of the 优友 (you you) series, the humanoid robot series.  优友 (you you) means superb friend.  Each of these U-series robots can be your friend both at home and at your business.


U05 is developed based on the humanization concept of robotics.  Standing at 130 cm (51 in) with its aesthetically pleasing look, it is here to assist you not just in the background but even as a frontliner, to greet and welcome, to register and serve your customer. 

Modular Design and Customisable

U05 adopts a modular design.  It can be disassembled into 5 modules – head, right and left arm, body and chassis.  This modular design allows this robot to be quickly customised and developed to suit a particular business application.  At the same time, production, logistics and ease of transportation, repair, and maintenance, are made simpler and easier to manage.

Flexible Joints

High degree-of-freedom joints in the arms, fingers and the neck.  This allows it to turn its head and nod up and down, lift and bend its arms, and shake hands. 

Interaction and Empathy

U05 can interact via voice, motion, gesture, expression, touch, sensing, mimicking human functions. Many languages have been included to make human-machine interaction more natural.


Faster processing of multiple tasks is made possible with the Dual GPU and dual main boards.


Using advanced real-time sensing technology, equipped with a high-definition camera and infrared sensor, it can scan faces; environmental recognition, object recognition; motion capture, instant feedback; gesture recognition.


Based on the robot’s AI engine and U-sense emotion engine, it can customize its emotions and eye expressions to make the robot full of human warmth.

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

It is equipped with powerful, high-precision Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar), a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges. This allows for real-time positioning and map construction technology, and dynamic path planning algorithms, U05 can autonomously navigate, avoid obstacles and travel freely in complex environments. 

Data Collection

U05 can actively collect user interaction data as needed, and safely perform data management and analytics in the cloud to provide support for customers’ business decisions and bring commercial value.

Battery and Charging

Battery challenge is solved as U05 will automatically return to the docking station for charging when the battery is below the set limit according to the usage. In the fully charged state, it  can be used continuously for more than 8 hours and a standby of more than 48 hours.  


Here is a sampling of  U05 at work

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