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What are Service Robots

Robotics have been used in the workplace for decades – mostly in manufacturing facilities in the form of industrial robots.  With technology advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and cloud computing, the future of robot workforce is changing.  More and more professional service robots are being deployed to industries outside of the manufacturing environment.

Combined with advances in vision systems and natural language processing these professional service robots may be autonomous and able to interact with human.  A wide range of service robots are being developed and deployed to complement and assist the human workforce in various industries and applications.

Businesses generally choose to automate the various tasks for reasons of efficiency, productivity as well as safety.  Repetitive and dangerous tasks can be automated, freeing up the human workforce to more cognitive-orientated tasks.  Efficiency is usually gained through reduced downtime and operating costs.  Such savings generally justify the initial investment cost of deploying professional service robots.  CANBOT’s range of robots are one such example.  

COVID-19 Pandemic

The need to minimize human-to-human contact during the COVID-19 pandemic has given service robots an elevated platform. Since January 2020, professional service robots have been used in numerous countries to disinfect hospitals, deliver medicine and food, and patrol the streets customised and equipped with thermometers.  These “robocops” patrolled the streets, took temperatures, delivered public safety messages, and chastised anyone caught without a face mask in public.

Watch how service robots have been helping in the battle against COVID-19 in Europe, as reported by Al Jazeera.

To augment the existing efforts in controlling and containing the spread of COVID-19 infection, we are pleased to offer preferential pricing for U05 & MX-2.


This robot is designed as a humanoid robot to be more acceptable, even as a frontliner, to greet and register customers or as a hospital in-patient usher.  


This is a multi-purpose humanoid robot that can adapted for use in different business environments. It is autonomously mobile, able to avoid obstacle and hold conversation.  Its flexibility of arms, fingers and neck can be seen in its dance here. Some of its capabilities include lighting the torch at a National Game Opening.


It has many other uses that one can creatively think of and integrated into.



It is aesthetically designed to be pleasing as it is meant to be of service in full public view.  It is meant to be more than transport and delivery.


It can be adapted to more than move medicine and equipment in hospitals while doctors and nurses focus on other tasks.  Its automated system can keep track of patient status as nurses and doctors make their rounds.  This should help ease the labour shortage and load faced by doctors and nurses, especially during pandemic or crisis situation.


MX-2 may be deployed for other uses one can creatively think of and integrated into.



Bipedal limbs allowing it more human-like movements.  It has wheels and  can walk.  In addition, U06 is able to squat and walk up and down stairs.  Its flexibility can be seen in it doing the taichi exercises.


A day with U03.  An all-round 24 x 7 companion.  It’s an alarm clock, intelligent home control system, kitchen helper, tutor, and music player.  It can watch and learn skills to be imparted later.

Mini U

Stands at 23 cm.  Programmed with thousands of Classical Chinese studies & idioms, and children songs, fairy tales and general knowledge information in Chinese. One-touch recording

Hello Kitty

Stands at 35cm.  An intelligent education robot.  Its magnetic modular design allows for free assembly.  Voice  interaction allowing it to communicate, sing and tell stories in Chinese. It is mobile and is on wheels.

This range of service robots are also available

The bipedal U06 is available while stock last.  U03, Mini U and Hello Kitty are available upon minimum order quantity (MOQ) met.  Please contact us to discuss if you wish to explore


Most of the robots shown here are Original Equipment Manufacturing (ODM) robots that were made to specifications given by the customers, including the look of the robots.

An example is the yellow coloured monk at the front row. It is custom-made for the recital of Buddhist scripts.

Another example is the bearded robot that was made for a pharmaceutical company.

We welcome all enquiries as to designing your own robots.